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You might be surprised to hear about the breadth of work Akwaaba Care International Foundation is doing for children in Ghana. A large proportion of children and youth Akwaaba Care International Foundation wants to assist have encountered severe social problems. These range from homelessness to HIV, to sexual abuse, domestic violence, as well as problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

For instance, a project to be initiated by Akwaaba Care International Foundation might provide ways for homeless young people to escape the streets for good - or it might help enable group children from highly deprived areas and splintered family backgrounds to achieve better results at school. An Akwaaba Care International Foundation grant might also pay the salary of a vital member of staff - such as train a counsellor to attend to children who have suffered trauma. Or, it might cover the costs of valuable piece of equipment to benefit a group of children with disabilities.

Another little known fact, is that EVERY single cent that is donated to the charity will find its way to help children in need.

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